Trinity Talks Science – 004 – Who’s Line is it DNA?

In the newest episode of Trinity Talks Science, we talk with contributor Maeve about the plastics in our oceans,  contributor Danielle about cloning and we sit down with Dr. Jeremy Piggott to discuss environmental monitoring!

Bacteria To The Future – 2:06
Monkey See, Monkey Clone – 16:40
Dr. Jeremy Piggott – 32:10

Bacteria to the Future:

Monkey See, Monkey Clone:
“Cloning of Macaque Monkeys by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer” Poo et. al,
Turner, L. “A Sheep Named Dolly.” CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal 156.8 (1997): 1149–1150. Print.

Dr. Jeremy Piggott:

Hosts: Molly McCrory and Aneta Nerguti
Contributors: Maeve McCann, Danielle Olavario, and Peter Cox
Sound Editor: Kate Finucane
Executive Producer: Peter Cox
Publishing: Thomas Donovan
Public Relations Officer: Molly McCrory
Secretary: Dan Giffney
Fact Checker: Aneta Nerguti
Producers: Dan Giffney, Molly McCrory, Kate Finucane, Aneta Nerguti, Thomas Donovan, Ciaran Kelly, Shaun Ussher
Special Thanks: DU General Science Society, Trinity News, Dr. Jeremy Piggott

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