Trinity Talks Science – 002 – Curiosity Killed the Cat

Do Walls Trump Wildlife; We tackle the ecological effects of a wall between Mexico and the US. Schrodinger’s Cat Explained; We delve into the confusing world of quantum by explaining the famous thought experiment. Dr Mary Bourke on Mars; We sit down with geomorphologist and Mars expert to discuss her recent research and our future with the red planet.

Do Walls Trump Wildlife?
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Schrodinger’s Cat
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Dr. Mary Bourke

Hosts: Dan Giffney and Molly McCrory
Sound Editor: Kate Finucane
Executive Producer: Peter Cox
Publishing: Thomas Donovan
Public Relations Officer: Molly McCrory
Secretary: Dan Giffney
Fact Checker: Aneta Nerguti
Producers: Dan Giffney, Molly McCrory, Kate Finucane, Eleanor Mullen, Shaun Ussher, Aneta Nerguti, Thomas Donovan, Ciaran Kelly
Special Thanks: DU General Science Society, Trinity Publications, Dr. Mary Bourke

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