Meet the Committee

Robin Keane – Chair

What do Hillary Clinton and Robin Keane have in common? Nothing, because Robin actually is president. Final year Immunology student and lifelong intern, you can catch this sci gal in the Sci Gall wondering “soup or stewp?”

Famed for her lemon brownies, Robin is sure to d̶i̶c̶t̶a̶t̶e̶ lead this society to new levels.

When not in the lab, Robin enjoys wishing she was in the lab. Her greatest piece of advice for new freshers would be “tie your hair up in the lab, the Bunsen burner takes no hostages”.

Stephen Cunningham – Secretary

Introducing usurping candidate número uno, 
the Donna Paulsen of SciSoc, Stephen Cunningham. Secretary and *cough* VP, this final year Immunology student and Coppers fiend will never stop until everyone knows that Laois is, in fact, a county.

The Robin to Robin’s Batman, Stephen has been quoted as saying “I’m just here to watch her crash and burn”.

Class Rep to the millions and Hungover Labs enthusiast, Stephen’s one and only piece of advice to incoming Freshers is to “do Maths Methods”.

Luke Daly-Ronayne – Treasurer

Final year Human Genetics student, dog lover, and general man-about-town, Luke enjoys nothing more than spending quiet evenings with a pile of Chinese food and a couple of fuck-off spreadsheets.

If you’re talking to Luke at a reception, be sure to take a drink every time he says he’s super busy, and every time he talks about his girlfriend.

He dwells in the depths of the Smurfit, occasionally appearing to forage for food and energy drinks. At night, he retires to a dank cave in the Wicklow Mountains to roll around on SciSoc’s loose change and pretend he’s a dragon.

His advice for incoming freshers is “college is great, repeat loads to make it last longer.”

Aisling Greene – Public Relations Officer

Aisling Greene, (the Pro PRO; The Greene Machine; The Science Queen) is a student of molecular medicine (SOS). She likes long walks on the beach, Lemon coffee and complaining about geology.

When she isn’t kicking ass and writing blurbs for SciSoc you can spot Ms. Greene lounging around the Hamilton avoiding the library (a common cry for help), chatting to some pals, or talking about feminism when nobody asked.

A serial joke-repeater, avocado-eater, and self-treater, her advice to fresher’s is to have fun, join SciSoc, and go up and talk to her! She doesn’t bite-at least not after she’s had her coffee.

Thomas Donovan – Webmaster

Thomas Donovan, the webmaster of SciSoc. Not only does he have the best title in the society, but many would say he also has the best personality, looks and sense of humor. Some may disagree but he ignores them.

Studying computer science and business, he finds himself the black sheep of SciSoc, being the only one who doesn’t actually do science, and even more controversially, he’s been known to bridge the gap to the fabled arts block. A true diversity pick, Thomas tries to appeal to those who are interested in science but may not study it. Note I said try and not succeed.

Amina Moustafa – Ents Officer

Amina Moustafa, sometimes referred to as Amino Acid by her classmates, is a 3rd year neuroscience student and this year’s SciSoc Ents officer! She is a lover of sports but holds a special place in her heart for football. As a kid, she spent time in her friend’s bathroom mixing toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, and random liquids to make “special potions.” Now, she has replaced the soaps with blood plasma and clumping agents.

If you wave to her and she doesn’t wave back, don’t be alarmed, its most likely her “look-alike” twin sister, Iesha. (She’s been instructed to wave back but she’s the evil twin, so who knows.)

She claims she wants to be a scientist but her friends believe she secretly wants to run her own NGO as she spends as much time on the football field as she does in her classes.

Something she’d like to focus on this year with SciSoc is developing and supporting budding science communicators and showing others how science is related to our everyday lives!

Áine McCabe, Sch. – Ordinary Committee Member

Meet Áine, SciSoc’s former law student, who took an entire year to realise that the laws of science are the only ones worth following.

It is thought that her decision to specialise in biochemistry is part of a long term plan to synthesise new, hipster vegetables (kale is soooo 2014) which she can then recommend to everyone she meets. Outside the lab she devotes herself to her pet sheep, Emily. Emily has been alive for so long that most people suspect cloning.

Dearbhaile Casey – Ordinary Committee Member

This pint-sized princess packs a real punch. There’s not a thing ordinary about this OCM, whether she’s breaking down barriers with her insane coding abilities or breaking a move on the dancefloor you can always be sure Dearbhailes up for a laugh.

But watch out because she’ll bring plenty of her own laughs and have you in stitches before you know it (which is a mean feat given that the topic is likely to be themed on astrophysics or epigenetics).