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Trinity Talks Science – 001 – Now Museum, Now You Don’t

In our first full-length episode we discuss the history and hidden treasures of Trinity’s museum building, the current state of personalized genome sequencing services as well as their implications and dive into the future of the planet, discussing how its continents might look in 250 million years.

Heritability and Personalised Genomics:
Personal genomes: The case of the missing heritability:
10 Years of GWAS Discovery: Biology, Function, and Translation.:
“The next supercontinent: Four ways Earth could reshape itself”:…/mg23631470-700-the-next-sup…/

Further Information:
Adam Rutherford:
Dr. Patrick Wyse Jackson’s book about the Museum Building: “A Victorian Landmark: Trinity College’s Museum Building”:
TN SciTech:

Hosts: Seán Clerkin and Dan Giffney
Sound Editors: Seán Clerkin and Kate Finucane
Executive Producer: Peter Cox
Publishing: Thomas Donovan
Public Relations Officer: Molly McCrory
Secretary: Dan Giffney
Fact Checker: Aneta Nerguti
Producers: Dan Giffney, Molly McCrory, Kate Finucane, Eleanor Mullen, Shaun Ussher, Aneta Nerguti, Thomas Donovan, Ciaran Kelly
Special Thanks: DU General Science Society, Trinity Publications, Dr. Patrick Wyse Jackson

Trinity Talks Science – 000 – Teaser

For those of you who just can’t wait until December 11th, here’s a quick preview of Trinity Talks Science! Get ready for a great discussion about imitation rhinoceros horns and conservation efforts for your weekend listening pleasure!