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Trinity Talks Science – 005 – Trinity Week Special: Energy

In the newest episode of Trinity Talks Science, we talk about energy policies and sustainability with Jim Gannon from SEAI,  Energy dysfunction and disease with Professor David Finlay and resources and materials with Professor Balz Kamber!

Jim Gannon:
Twitter: @seai_ie

Prof. David Finlay:
Twitter: @dfinlaytcd

Prof. Balz Kamber:
Instagram: @kamberbs


Hosts: Dan Giffney and Molly McCrory
Interviewees: Jim Gannon, Prof. David Finlay, Prof. Balz Kamber
Sound Editor: Kate Finucane
Executive Producer: Peter Cox
Publishing: Thomas Donovan
Public Relations Officer: Molly McCrory
Producers: Dan Giffney, Molly McCrory, Kate Finucane, Aneta Nerguti, Thomas Donovan, Ciaran Kelly, Shaun Ussher, Eleanor Mullen, Brian Kennedy

Special Thanks to: DU General Science Society, Trinity News, Trinity College Dublin’s Faculty of Engineering, Maths, and Science, especially Sandra Kavanagh, and our guests