Monthly Archives: April 2018

The Committee is dead, Long Live the Committee

Another year, another post to our old committee has been removed, in some cases by force (Robin) and from the ashes a new committee, bright eyed and innocent, has risen from the ashes. no longer will Robin rule SciSoc with an iron grip, and hold onto her sanity with a very loose one. no longer will Stephen live in fear of another email from finance@REDACTED. Luke shall no longer embezzle society funds to fuel another year of college fees. Aisling has moved on from being in charge of the public face of SciSoc to being the public face of SciSoc in a power play reminiscent of the Bolshevik revolution. Amina has dropped SciSoc from her timetable, and still has to use that time-turner she borrowed from Hermione™ (Thanks to Warner bros for this usage) Dearbhaile has decided that she was sick of announcing what she was going to do to Robin and has moved on to start her own book club in direct competition with SciSoc’s, which she set up, and Finally Áine has abandoned us to fend for ourselves, but thankfully left us the ability to say in a few years to proudly claim her as a SciSoc alumnus and beg her to speak at our events. and Thomas? well Thomas is right where he belongs: In the Ussher basement using SciSoc to procrastinate and desperately trying to figure out why the last Trinity Talks Science episode didn’t upload properly.